Through keynote presentations and artistic collaborations, Wali's per­sonality, and captiv­ating delivery, have inspired companies internationally. From boardrooms to classrooms, Wali is able to transform the values and vision of any organization, into carefully tailored spoken word poetry. 


Wali’s ability to transform the values and vision of an organization into creatively customized pieces of poetry has made him a standout talent.  His unique style and voice has reached audiences globally. Wali is an icon for advocacy and custom content. Most notably, his performance with Microsoft reached an audience of over 16,000 partners at the Scotiabank Arena. Since then, it’s opened doors to keynote presentations and collaborations with orga­nizations such as Deloitte, Zillow, and Canada’s Walk of Fame.

Gifted with voice and powerful writing, Wali takes ads and campaigns to the next level. He also regularly emcees and performs at festivals and receptions. His philanthropic efforts include involvement with Bell's "Let's Talk" campaign, raising over one million dollars for United Way, and speaking at hundreds of schools across North America.