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An alumni of Canada’s Top 20 Under 20, Wali Shah, is a poet and public speaker. He’s given TED talks, he’s worked on voiceovers, he’s created poetry for corporate projects, and has spoken at hundreds of schools and colleges across North America. He has served as Poet Laureate for his home-town, Mississauga, Ontario. From thousands that follow his voice and his journey on socials, to media who profile him and his advocacy — Wali Shah is the messenger of the people.

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Through keynote presentations and artistic collaborations, Wali's per­sonality, and captiv­ating delivery, have inspired companies internationally. From boardrooms to classrooms, Wali is able to transform the values and vision of any organization, into carefully tailored spoken word poetry. 



Wali Shah is the voice of a generation of youth. From hundreds of schools and colleges across North America, to performing at WeDay, Wali uses his poetry for a purpose. Thousands of youth follow him on social media, as he sparks honest and authentic conversations and raises awareness on social issues using his art and his platform.

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